Life Insurance

To find the best value for money life insurance plan you should obtain a quote from a whole of market broker in the UK which can give you a great deal instantly or provide you with a guideline to check against other life insurance quotes you have. Complete our short and free quote form and get a low cost life insurance policy today, it could not be easier. There are no fees or costs involved when applying for a cheap life insurance quote through our site, an expert will contact you directly to discuss a suitable policy and the end result is lower monthly premiums for high quality life insurance for you.

Why is life insurance important? By getting a cheap life insurance quote you can help protect your family financially in the future, if you have a life cover policy they will receive a lump sum payment after you have passed. At this stage it does not matter if you are unsure which life insurance policy you need, you will have plenty of time to discuss a potential policy with an expert once you have received your quote.

Searching for a standard term life insurance policy for £100,000 with us could halve the cost of the policy compared with a leading bank or life insurer, it is definitely worth the few minutes of your time to see what deals are out there.

No fees or risks when applying for life insurnace. This quick and easy process requires you to enter a few details about yourself and the life cover policy you are interested in and our whole of market expert connections do the rest. We act as an introducer to a fully registered broker so once you submit our quote form you will be contacted and a scan of the UK life insurance market to find the cheapest quotes that match your needs will be carried out for you. There are no costs involved, no personal checks and no obligation to accept.

Does age matter with life insurance? The recommended time to get life insurance is generally 'as soon as you can', age is not a barrier and no matter what your situation you can be sure there is a suitable policy out there for you that cost as little as a few pounds per month. It is not uncommon for people in their 20s to get a life insurance quote as well as people in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

How long does life insurance last? By taking out a term life insurance policy you will specify beforehand how long you want the policy to last. The policy can remain active for between 5 and 50 year terms, this can discussed further with the life insurance expert we find who can offer you a competitive quote, we advise you only commit to a life insurance plan when you are fully pleased with what the chosen policy includes.

My Life Insurance Quotes is an independent online life insurance site acting as an intermediary to help you find low cost life cover quotes that match your requirements. We work with fully FSA authorised and registered whole of market brokers who search and compare hundreds of life insurance policies for you and process your application.

Our service comes with no obligation to accept the quote you receive. We do not offer advice on life insurance. Registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.