Critical Illness Cover

One decision you need to make when obtaining a life insurance quote is whether or not you want critical illness cover to be included in the policy. Cover for critical illness means that as a result of a diagnosis for a critical illness including but not limited to cancer, heart attack or stroke the policy holder will receive a cash lump sum tax-free.

Critical illness affects many thousands of people in the UK every year, if you were to receive bad news about your health and your life insurance policy did not include critical illness cover you will have an increased chance of financial problems, in turn causing additional stress and worry in your day-to-day life.

By adding discount critical illness cover to your life insurance policy you could improve the lives of both yourself and your dependents regarding finances for treatment or adjusting your lifestyle to make living with the illness easier.

We offer you an easy way to compare UK critical illness cover which is included with competitive life insurance which enables you to financially protect both your life and the chance of critical illness, providing a more comfortable financial life for those around you. Once we have helped you find an insurer who can cover you with both life and critical illness insurance you can fully discuss your options with an expert to make sure you fully understand the details of the policy.

A big benefit of having a low rate critical illness cover insurance plan is that in the event of a diagnosis the lump sum payment can help replace lost income, it can help pay for specific medical care or it could go towards necessary equipment either for you or your home to assist in making your daily life more manageable.